Wrong Dressing

Some Wrong Dressing Practices People Should know

It is said that “you will be addressed from the way you dress”. The way you dress affects the way you feel. If you dress like a Whore, that is how you are going to feel about yourself. You can’t deny that not unless satan has killed your “Consciousness.”

The way you dress speaks volume about you. Don’t follow the crowd, because the crowd is always wrong.

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Have you forgotten what the Bible said in the book of John Chapter 12:43 “FOR THEY LOVE PRAISE OF MEN MORE THAN PRAISE OF GOD”. Yes! This is the major thing that made people feel that they are right and perfect with the way they dress. They are only concerned about people’s recommendations and compliments without considering the the choices of their maker.

Some Wrong Dressing Practices People Should know

1. A woman showing her thighs and legs in public and in church, its evil, its sinful and its pure wickedness: Its Nakedness.
2. A man sagging his trouser and showing the boxer: Its Nakedness;
3. If you have to cover your knee with handkerchief or a tarban when you sit down in the Public and in the Church: That is Nakedness.
4. If part of your breast is seen: It is Nakedness as long the Word of God is concerned.
5. As a man, if the hair on your chest is seen by others: It is Nakedness.
6. If part of your breast is seen: It is Nakedness as long the Word of God is concerned.
7. As a man, if the hair on your chest is seen by others: It is Nakedness.
8. If part of your back is seen: It is nakedness.
9. If your armpit is seen when you are dressed: It is Nakedness.
10. If your dress is transparent: It is nakedness.

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11. If the contour of your body is seen by others: as long as heaven is concerned: It is Nakedness;
12. If you put on trousers, as a lady, then you are totally naked because trouser shows the size and shape of the butt. Imagine the shape of the trouser is the shape of the body, what is that? It is Nakedness in disguise.

Some Harmful Effects of Nakedness

From my experiences so far, I’ve come to understand that most of the individuals involved are ignorant and are blinded over the effects of illicit dressing in a society.
Below are some harmful effects of such;

1. It promotes lust, sexual uncleanliness and every form of immorality imaginable.
2. Nakedness is Sexual Immorality and it pollutes the mind of the weak.
3. Nakedness opens you to Spiritual attack and is backsliding.
4. Nakedness is Rebellion and Disobedience to the Word of God.

A word is more than enough for the wise. Having read this article, please try to epitomize. I mean live by example.

This is endtime, so try to comprehend Satan’s strategies towards believers. Whenever you dress naked, you’re leaving a charge on someone and of course a negative charge.

Live and dress rightly and learn to cover sensitive parts of your body and do not fail to share this content with friends and loved ones.

Do you have any question so far? Feel free to ask using the comment box below, thanks for your time and God bless you.

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