What Name Do You Call Your Life Partner?

What Name Do You Call Your Life Partner?

What Name Do You Call Your Life Partner has been a question must married people puzzle and ponder on. Meanwhile, I have had the opportunity to move and mingle with some married folks.

As many who are married, engaged or intends to involved in relationships and still calling their spouse or life partner by their first name, no matter whom you are “you are nothing but a disgrace element”

Love is wonderful, it’s beautiful and glorious but very hard to express. It’s easier to profess but very difficult to sustain.

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However, the best way to express daily love and easiest means to decipher the aroma of love in any relationship is based on what you called your spouse.

If that romantic name isn’t yet glued to your tongue — you are only deceiving yourself of falling in love.

Today, you will behold some mawhose couple in my neighborhood calling their spouse with some romantic names and honestly, those name can even make you fall in love.

You will hear names like “Darling, My Babe, My king, Honey, passion, My Queen, My Treasure, Daddy, Nkemu, Obimu, My Bobo Sunshine, My Lord, My Love, Mummy, etc.

I mean, how can the devil tore apart such marital relationship which is built with such passionate name?

While you will also behold some married couple screaming at the top of their voice, even in the market. “Margreteeeee, Emekaaaa, Papa Chisom and others useless names.

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Sometimes after hearing these useless names, you might even dislike marriage.

The point is this “never you call your spouse by his/her names because it’s an abomination to The Doctrine Of Love.

So, now what name do you call your life partner??

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