10,000 In 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Facebook

Things You Shouldn’t Do On Facebook

Recently, a lot has been happening precisely on Facebook. Facebook has suddenly grown to an extent that majority of individuals, businesses and some government organizations cannot do without it.

Ideally, people think that facebook is just a social media; where they can easily come and do their chats share files etc. No, facebook is a hyper security spying company that collects all your files and the rest of other stuffs you upload.

Also, as a user on facebook, there are some terms and standards you should place and secure for yourself and prestige too. There are many more things about facebook I need to share with your guys but in subsequent time, I will definitely do so.

Here on this thread, I’ll be sharing with your guys “things you shouldn’t do on facebook”. Yes! There are so many things you shouldn’t do. What are they?
Scroll below, let’s go ahead together.


It is easier to comment unnecessarily on any content you find on facebook. It is better you only hit the like button and leave the comment section than for you to comment and unnecessary comment.

Learn to comment responsibly and wisely and not just comment. There are comments we shouldn’t be doing. As a wizkid personality, you’ve got to comment wisely. Recently, I told I guy the reason why I didn’t comment on his latest post on Facebook. Yes! It was simply because my comments attract other views to recommend on my comment. Don’t just comment things like nice, okay, good, beautiful, etc. Your comment should go beyond that.

Your comment should carry the power of making people check your timeline or perhaps even add you up. Let your comment speak positivity. Instead of me to comment good, nice on your post, I’d rather hit the like button and leave the comment section. Take this pill and see how you’ll definitely recover soonest.


Is this important or worth saying? Yes! It is. A lot of people have been un-friend because of this single act. You can imagine someone tagging you on anything they post. He woke up this morning and took some photo shots, and then the next thing you’ll see is Mr B tagged you; oh my God it’s quite irritating.

People can easily un-friend you when they discover that you always tag them consistently. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t tag your friends anymore. Here on this, I’m just saying you should tag reasonably. Don’t just tag and do not tag a particular person constantly.
Take note of this… and grow your influence and respect.


What do we call this? It means constant posting of photos. It is not right or advice-able for you to always post your photos on Facebook.

Still on Things You Shouldn’t Do On Facebook; your profile photo and your cover photo should be enough. And it is very much important you change it not so soon. You could possibly change it once in two months. I’ve got a friend who lastly updated his profile picture in the year 2015. Now I got to ask myself a question, does this mean that this brother does not have newer photo or images?

I got to understand that they have the best of newest photo collections. But they thought it would be right if they change it once in a while. Yes! That’s the best. And this doesn’t mean that they have got no new pictures. You must not show. Keep that in mind. Do not forget so soon that we’re Still on Things You Shouldn’t Do On Facebook.


Actually, people see this as nothing probably because they are yet to meet a talker. Do you know who a talker is? A talker is someone who sees everything as serious and wouldn’t be rested until he or she say something concerning anything.

In addition to that; apart from that talker stuff, there are some personalities who naturally hates people mentioning their name/s anywhere on Facebook. This becomes very serious when you mention them in an unimportant post.

Imagine you being mentioned in someone else profile picture. Do you realize how annoying that act could be and how would you react to such if you are the one mentioned?

Honestly, this issue is very serious and shouldn’t be neglected even for a bit. I’m not saying that you should stop mentioning, no that’s wasn’t what I said. At least, when you take someone’s approval before mentioning the person is more preferable and the person will secure a high prestige for you.

Ideally, there are some important posts and contents that worth mentioning. For example; some weeks ago, an Indian client was looking for a script writer and he posted the vacancy publicly in a group on Facebook. Now when I saw this vacancy, what I did was to mention two of my female friends that are so much good in scrip writing.

Did you see? Was that mentioning an irrelevant one? Or perhaps an important one? It’s a matter of thinking! Do not mention anybody without their permission or in any unnecessary post on Facebook. Still on Things You Shouldn’t Do On Facebook.


Wondering what this could be?
Cyber stealing has to do with scamming. People stealing other people’s money. Recently, someone messaged me and was begging me seriously for something; Guess what he was begging!

He was actually begging me for an old Facebook Account. Could you imagine? Now when I asked him what he needed it for; he said it is for business purposes. Now my question is, what could someone possibly do with an old Facebook Account?

Knowledgeably, I got to understand that he only needs the Old Facebook Account for theft. He uses such Accounts to steal other people’s money. Be warned; do not ever think of stealing of someone’s money.
Someday, you must surely pay! Certainly.


Constant posting of pictures is quite different from posting irrelevant pictures. There are some your pictures that shouldn’t be seen in the internet sphere. Can you imagine someone posting a picture of him or her sleeping, eating, bathing etc, does that really make any sense?

I render a big no to this. Stop posting irrelevant pictures and take note of this.


This may sound funny but believe it or not, the use of shortcut words are totally not educational advisable. With this, many complain of reasons like, they always make use of small phones.
Furthermore, some say that they always do so whenever their battery is about to go flat. Please these are some Facebook Error we shouldn’t be doing.

On this, no matter what the reason might be, you are not advised to use words like kul, kk, hun, sowie, funi, fwneds, mhiz, mhizta, etc. For crying out loud; you are no longer a kid and your academical pursuit should go beyond that.

The more you do it, that’s the more you’ll sleep in. You could possibly miss opportunities in most cases when you use such short cuts. Keep checking more, we’re Still on Things You Shouldn’t Do On Facebook;


This is crazy. I get to understand that so many are now using Facebook for another thing. How can two different parties do sex chat.

This is nonsense; all you could do is just to chat nudity and perhaps naked pictures amongst yourselves. Consider getting rid of this, it is totally wrong and not calleful.


On the off chance that you aren’t watchful about your protection settings, you might be incidentally uncovering your area each time you transfer a photograph or post your considerations. Giving out your area can be an awful move in the event that you have colleagues whom you’d want to keep from following you down.

What’s more, a post from the airplane terminal or your excursion goal can enlighten potential criminals to the way that you aren’t at home and most likely won’t be for some time.


While it will not be as perilous as posting about your get-away plans, gloating about your favorable luck trying to make others desirous won’t win you any support among your Facebook companions. On the off chance that you have uplifting news, share it in a way that feels authentic. Try not to endeavor to angle for compliments or make others jealous of your way of life.


Know it now! I guess maybe you’ve been doing all these probably because nobody has ever brought this to your notice. But take it this day, there numerous numbers of things you shouldn’t be doing on Facebook. Listen, Facebook is beyond what you call it.

Do the right thing and do not forget so soon that Facebook is gradually collecting all your data and information.
Was this content helpful? Or do you have any question to ask? Or have you got any suggestion and opinion to render here?
Kindly feel free to send us a feedback using the comment box below, thanks.

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