The Woman You Must Strive To Be

The Woman You Must Strive To Be

When God created you, He did not make you what you want to become in life, you’ll strive to become what He wanted you to be.

There are several kinds of women in today’s world. There are those who preaches feminism and made themselves one, there are the slay queens who slay men, there are cheap girls, there are the career women, there are those who advocate baby mamas, there are those who use what they have to get what they want and there are the few ones who became positive role models whom other women look up to.

You have the choice to become who He wants you to be, the choice to be who you want to be or what life desires you to be. And there are consequences in whichever choices you choose to make.

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There’s just one kind of woman you must choose to be and that’s to be the kind of woman God wants you to be.


How do you go about this?

First, discover God’s purpose for your life. When you don’t know who you are in God, men and the society would squeeze you into their mould to become what you were not originally meant to be.

In fact, your past, mistakes, family background and the circumstances surrounding your birth would shapen your existence to make you what you’re not supposed to be.

When you discover His purpose for your life, this marks the beginning of knowing who you’re meant to be. Then, the drive to become that should well up on your inside so that you can strive to become who God says you are.

To know God’s purpose for your life, you must desire to live life to the fullest. It has nothing to do with your ambition, aspirations or following the career path you want in life. Don’t get me wrong, they are very good but of what advantage would it be that you were successful in all that but your life never for once brought glory to the One that made you.

You can bless others if you’re blessed but does He own your life, does He know you beyond the religion you practice?

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After desiring to become all that He wanted you to be, nothing less, then you need Jesus.

I’m not trying to lure you to become a Christian or come to the church I attend, I’m much more interested in you becoming reconciled to the One who created you and this is only possible in Jesus.

There are several ways people carve out in life to gain access to God but I only know of just one way and that’s Jesus (John 14:6). You must be born again to know God’s purpose for your life and you must also pray.

Knowing God’s purpose for your life is entirely different from the kind of purpose discovery philosophies some motivational speaker preaches, you can live a life of purpose other than what God wanted you to be.

Saul, before he became Paul believed he was doing God’s service by killing the early disciples but he knew better when the scales fell off his eyes.

Going to church doesn’t make you born again, no being born again entails that your life is influenced by the Word of God and His Spirit. Once you have achieved this and His spirit bore witness in you that you are a child of God, then bow your knees in prayers for discovery.

Becoming the woman you must be doesn’t come cheap. You must pray to God to reveal it to you.

The value you place in becoming the woman God wanted you to be determines the price you will pay for it in the place of prayer.

It’s not that easy to think God’s purpose for your life is the same as your talent, passion or ambition; they’re all good but they’re the addendum He added to your life to enable you fulfill His purpose or make a meaning out of life.

Dear lady, stop running after men and the immoral relationship many of them would offer you. Who told you that you need a boyfriend or man-friend to validate your worth in life?

What’s the compliment of your boyfriend going to do in your life when God is displeased with the kind of life you’re both living? What’s the love of a man to your life if you have truly tasted a handful of God’s love?

I hope to continue with the remaining points in the next article. But before then, don’t just read this and discard it, blessed are you if you do what is written in this article if you’re yet to discover the kind of woman you must be.

Don’t be religious. Be born again. Desire an intimate with God through Jesus. And prayerfully know why you are here. This is only when you have taken the right step in becoming the woman you must be.

Till I come your way next time, remain rooted in Christ and unmovable in Him.

Credits goes to Oluwamayowa Adeniyi

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