The Evil Effects Of Bet-Naija


“Wealth gotten by vanity shall diminished: but he that gathereth by labour shall increase”(Proverb 13:11)

The Bible clearly states that”the Love of money is the root of evil”.As we see it in the life of Judas,who betrayed his Lord,because of Riches.

A story was told of a youngman who served his master for 7 years and his master settled him with a sum of,one million Naira. Regrettably,instead of this gentleman to invest on that wealth,he used it and played “visual game” or “Bet naija”.But unfortunately for the man,he lose the game,and the whole money became a waist! What a pity!

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Now beloved, ask yourself since you started playing “Bet Naija”game,those money you win from it,have you invested it on anything that yielded much fruits? You see,the bible is right,by saying the “money gotten through vanity will diminished”. Satan is the sole founder and owner of Bet Naija. He gives you riches and takes it back!

Students has squandered their parents money in the name of Visual Game. Some use their School fees,some their WAEC Fees,and finally,they went home sorrowfully,and regrettably!

Many business men has closed down their shops because of the evil result of bet-naija. They are now pondering with their error!

This game is from the pit of hell. It is evil for a believer to indulge himself in such unprofiting means of wealth.

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Jesus is calling you to repentance. Satan want to ruin your wealth,your destiny and finally doom you eternally in hell. Real and genuine riches is found in Christ,he bless and upbraided not. Satan’s blessings is temporal and in vain. Be patient with the Lord and he will bless you. Stop playing visual game or naira bet,it is sin and destructive!

Heaven wants to bless you,but you need patient and righteousness. Don’t hurry. Naija bet is satanic. It has cause problems to many families,students and business men. Repent and harden not your heart.

Be patient…

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