Crisis Among Female Folks

Resolving Identity Crisis Among Female Folks (Part One)

Crisis Among Female Folks

In this dispensation, a lot of things has been happening from the origin and till now. Crisis comes and go; but the thing is “that is normal and it’s not gonna stop till the end of this generation.

Crises arises, most times, it may be war, conflicts etc. I know right now you might be thinking same about this very article right now. Here on this content or article, i won’t be talking about guns and rest of other crisis we’ve grown up to know.

Additional, I will be talking about something we call nothing. Yes! we have ignored it but in the right sense, it is part of the crisis in the world today.

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There is a common problem among the youths in our current local circumstance. Every man and every woman has a particular challenge called IDENTITY CRISES and today i will be focusing more on the female folks. What is Identity crises? It is the failure to achieving EGO identity, it is also a state in which a person experiences uncertainty about who they really are.

This is far from “purpose” and other REALIZING WHO YOU ARE articles you read online.. there is a very big misconception about what the word FEMALE and what the word WOMAN stands for, what the word MALE and what the word MAN stands for and quickly i will like to clear the air as you read through.

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When you give birth to a child you will agree with me that you haven’t given birth to a MAN but a MALE and when you give birth to another child you will also agree with me that you haven’t given birth to a WOMAN but a FEMALE.

Most women misplaces these two words to be the same and these has been the major problem in the society today. Now, every woman is a wife but not every man is a HUSBAND (am not been one sided) that is the reason God created man from sand (raw material) and created woman from finished product (man’s ribs) and if you don’t understand the difference between been a female and been a woman, this article is for you because you are suffering from IDENTITY CRISES and you are yet to discover you and my article won’t be complete because i can not be writing to you as a woman (yes am a woman despite my age) and you are relating as a girl or female by gender.

Being female or woman has nothing to do with age because you might be 15 years and have the mentality of a 50 years old woman, a 50 years old woman with a mindset of a 14years old female.

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Stay tuned as i bring to you my next episode of RESOLVING IDENTITY CRISES.

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