Reason Why Many Pastors Struggle

The Reason Why Many Pastors Struggle is something that most pastors really need to know about. Majorly, i see so many pastors struggling in depression and with other attached situations.

What baffles me the most is that 60% of these pastors don’t know the reason why they struggle so badly. Life would have been fair to them and their ministry if they had known the Reason Why Many Pastors Struggle because in knowing so, they can easily tackle it without hesitation and delays.

The major Reason Why Many Pastors Struggle in their ministry and calling is probably because of their nonchalant attitude towards the most precious thing which God has entrusted into their hands (which is Marriage).

Listen, your marriage is your first Church while your wife is your first Apostle and your children are your first disciples.

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If you as a pastor refuse to rule and dominate this first task effectively, by taking appropriate account of them, caring and always being around to attend to their personal needy, you’ll not succeed in the ministry. I mean, you’ll keep on struggling everyday and yet end up having nothing to show for it.

Dear pastor, don’t ever assumed that you are going to control that massive congregation you always dream and visioned to acquired.

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Don’t ever assumed you are going to received that spontaneous anointing you always craved to acquired because to whom little is given, the same little is expected to yield fruitfully.

That thing you call nothing is actually the main thing that matters. Dear pastor, you can’t get or do better if you neglect just little things that matters.

Your first congregation is your family.

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