Reason Why Christians Are Defeated

Reason Why Christians Are Defeated – You Should Know This

As a Christian, if you do not know the Reason Why Christians Are Defeated you will ignorantly end up being defeated also. This race, you need knowledge and wisdom to outrun so many barriers.

On this very content, I will sharing with you the major Reason Why Christians Are Defeated and I think, that is one of the essentials study every believer in Christ should know.

Reason Why Christians Are Defeated

Oh, how real he is!if people would start developing that consciousness of the indwelling spirit when they first become christian, he would manifest himself.but too often they haven’t been taught correctly.

They thought they got an “experience”. they kept trying to have another experience like that one, but it wasn’t an experience at all; it was someone-a divine personality-who came to live in them. he is a heavenly being: the holy spirit.

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so often we have been defeated because we weren’t taught this – or we were taught something that isn’t so, and we have had to “unlearn” it. It’s a lot harder to unlearn than it to learn. Before we can walk with God, sometimes we’ve got to unlearn some things.

We must learn to look to our (human) spirit,even when our mind can’t grasp what we’re hearing .I’ve heard men preach,I’ve listened to tapes,I’ve studied books – and my head couldn’t grasp it. But on the inside of me, it felt like some thing was turning flips.

I knew my spirit, because of the HOLY SPIRIT within me was telling me,”THAT’S SO” but even with this witness, I’ve had problems accepting these thing. Have you ever had such problems,or am i the only one?

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What we think,or the way we’ve been taught often hinders us from moving into spirit realm .It also will keep us from praying in tongues.

Paul said,”For if i pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful”(1 Cor.14:14). Our understanding or we might say, our mind-it would be the same thing-wants to get in on everything, but it can’t get in on praying in the spirit unless God gives the interpretation.

Therefore, our mind will try to talk us into praying in tongues. Even after we have prayed a while, our mind will say, “Well good did that do?” Then, of course, the devil will side in that unrenewed mind, agreeing, “What good did you get out of that? You don’t know one word you said! Isn’t that foolish? Anyway, that didn’t sound much like a language”.

That’s our problem: We pass judgement on something instead of listening to what God’s says about it. God even said in Isaiah 28:11, “With stammering lip and another tongue will be [God] speak unto this people.

So, bless God, if you just stammered, that’s the Holy Spirit, too! Accept it and go on with God. Except more, and He will give you more.


There’s no deep experience in discovering this subject. Christians are defeated because of this and a good many of them are blinded towards it also.

So understand this right now and stop the heck thing you have been allowing the devil to do to you.

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