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5 Keys On How To Build Your Personal Life

Building your personal life is beyond going to church, attending classes and all that. Recently, I stumbled upon a quote which triggered my mind.

Here is the quote; “Honour is not deserved by possessing, but by character and worth”. This led me to say, You net-worth does not determine your self-worth.

Now, building your personal character is something everyone should do. Weeks ago, I was listening to motivational words by Fela Durutoye and he said something that caught my attention.

He said, there are two types of future which are;
1. Tthe future you worked you walked for and
2. The future that will come to you when you are not prepared.

Meanwhile, I made refference to that on the previous post I wrote on thespaceads and that’s the real fact.

I have analyzed that speech and have come to a conclusion. When you fail to build your personal life now, you may end up having a bittered future.

Anyways, without wasting much of your time, I would love us to move over to the 5 Keys On How To Build Your Personal Life.

5 Keys On How To Build Your Personal Life

Building your personal life is not something one can easily get at the market place or somewhere else. There are some certain things you ought to do in other to build your personal life.

Below are the 5 Keys On How To Build Your Personal Life;

Don’t Just Have God; Know Him:

This is actually the first and main key you need in other to build your personal life. Majority of folks out there, merely have God.

When we talk about building your personal life, having God isn’t just enough. You must also know God. It is awful to find out that many have God but do not know Him.

When you kno God, your motive, perspective, understanding and concepts about life will change totally. You will beging to see life more easier than others.

For example, most people thinks that they can pray out poverty. But the truth is, you can’t pray out poverty. You just have to work it out.

Now, how would you know all these when you don’t know God’s mind to all these things? How would you know God’s mind and principles hen you don’t know Him.

Hey folk, having God is not just enough, rather know Him.

Be Determined

Now, after the first, it didn’t just end there. You still have to put up some works in other to build your personal life.

Without determination, you will rise and fall on several occasions. You may not stay too long on the process of building your personal character.

When you involved determination on this journey, you will hardly quite even when the going seems to be tough and tougher.

Be determined. This will help you build your personal life.

Ready and Study Books

This is another area or key to building your personal life. You should make studying a habit.

No in studying, always know that there is book which is superior to every other books out there. You studying can’t get better if you don’t study the bible.

Read and study your bible and in doing so, accompany it with some other Christian books and literatures. It is commonly said and believed that Readers are Leaders.

Beloved, in your building your personal life, one of the things you should consider is reading and studying.

You can easily read books online at your peak and disposal. Just start studying and reading.

Listen To Audio Teachings And Podcasts

This is another means to do this. You don’t have any excuse for not studying nor reading. There are teachings, sermons and seminars which are on audio and podcasts format.

Majority of the teachings and sermons I enrol for are audios and podcasts. Due to the nature of the job I do, I don’t literally have the time to be swiping my book in the name of reading nor studying.

But if the sermon and teachings is in an audio format, I will happily subscribe to it. So boost your knowledge with audios and podcasts.

Learn From Others

Any man who has stopped learning has nothing to live for. The day you will say “I’m tired of learning” that’s when you are equal to not being alive.

Each day, you are expected to learn new things from people all around you. As a matter of fact, this is actually one of the best ways of learning.

Take every of your experience with people as a scenairo and a platform to learn a new thing. I think I will rest my case here.

Stay tuned and active for my next content. Did you find this content very resourceful?

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