12 Strategic Morning Prayer Points You Should Pray Every Morning

Each new day always comes with new opportunities given to us by GOD to make the very best out of it for our lives. However,, the degree to which our lives are changed and transformed is dependent on how the morning hours of each new day are programmed or if you like setup.

Just like every new puppy bought from the market is first given some good period of time to make it feel at home, and consequently master its environment, so is with the morning hours, a great deal of attention should be given to the morning hours, for therein lies the potential of the day.

When the atmosphere is stirred up in the morning towards anything or anyone, then the rest of the day will tend to follow the same pattern. The morning hours hold quite an enormous task and hence should get all the attention it deserves.

That’s why we have gathered a comprehensive list of morning prayers you must engage in without stopping ping, to guarantee a blissful and productive day.

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But, why would we resort to Prayers, to guarantee for a wonderful day?

I will tell you soon.

We pray to:

  • Acknowledge GOD, letting Him know how much we depend on him.
  • Create a spirit-induced atmosphere/climate to carry about to wherever else we intend going to.
  • Receive direction and counsel for each new day. Pro 3:5 – 6.
  • Allow GOD access to work on our behalf. Psalm 24: 7
  • And the list goes on and on, but one thing is certain you can’t take prayer away from the believer’s daily routine, we must all make prayer a lifestyle. Luke 18:1

Without much ado, let’s Jump right straight into the nitty-gritty of the Matter, prayer points to make every morning, that will colour your day right.

12 Strategic Morning Prayer Points You Should Pray Every Morning

1. Prayer of Thanksgiving:

The prayer of Thanksgiving cuts across so many spheres of interest in this case, c’mon it’s a new day, eloping from the thick cloud of the dark from the night hours, therefore starting the day on the right foot is wrapped up in the prayer of thanksgiving. Giving thanks to GOD for the countless number of the Host of heavenly Angels that kept watch over our partly conscious bodies while we slept. Psalm 91, Isaiah 31: 5

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“Oh Lord our God, how wonderful and gracious you are, thank you for ferrying us into a new day, thank you for our families and loved ones, glory to your name”

2. Prayer of Acknowledgement and Dependence:

No two days are exactly alike, hence each passing day should never be lived trusting in self or human help, rather every trace of dependence should be on GOD who alone is capable of seeing those who trust in Him through. Isaiah 26 : 3.

” Lord we know how inadequate we are without you, and so we ask that you come to guide and direct us today. We depend totally on you”

Hebrews 12:2 puts it quite plainly when it says looking into Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith…

For each new day, we will lift up our eyes unto the Lord from whom all help comes. Psalm 121

3. Prayer of Provisions:

Give us this day our daily bread…  That’s the request in Luke 11: 3. And so for every new passing day, we ought to seek for His divine provisions and supplies and lay claims on them as ours.

“Thank you, Lord for the daily provisions you have made available for every day’s need”.

4. Prayer of Protection and Safety:

The Psalmist in Psalm number 23, actually proves that indeed there are valleys of the shadow of death, but never are we left without an assurance of safety from GOD.

There will actually be events of walking right through the midst of fire and a raging flood, but GOD guarantees that He will always be there for us.

” Lord I trust you for safety, and I know you will preserve and keep me in perfect condition all the days of my Life”

5. Prayer for Activating the Presence of God:

The Presence of GOD is Indeed a great asset for the believer, and so on a constant note, His ever-abiding Presence must be stirred up from within to make for a smooth transaction during the day.

” Lord as we move out today, your presence goes before us, and after us to create favour and blessings for us all”

6. Prayer For Courage to Face the Day:

There is always a supply of Grace to cater for each new day’s need, and not waver or compromise in the heat of Pressure.

” Lord we receive Courage to face the day, empower us to face all that will come to us”

7. Prayer For Discipline to Obey God’s Voice and Word:

The word of God is meant to be a constant guide for the believer. He must keep hearing and obeying all that the word speaks into His Spirit Man. On that note, the discipline to always hear and follow the word of God is vital and essential for the believer.

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” Your word will be our daily guide dear lord, we will forever be guided by your word.”

8. Prayer to Express The Life of GOD We possessed and Received at the New Birth

It’s one thing to have something, it’s yet another thing altogether to use what you have. The believer in Christ has imparted into his spirit GOD’S life, and this life must be lived and expressed.

” Daily oh Lord, will we give expression to your life in us, today we will live out the Christ in Us”

9. Prayer For Focus:

Surely offences will come, and there will always arise distractions from every angle to ensure we never get the best out of each day, but they can be defeated in the place of praying. Distractions steal large chunks of our time, and so must be addressed if a productive day is sought.

“We know there are many distractions, looking to divide our focus, Sp Lord, help us immensely not to lose focus and also be distracted, amen”

10. Prayer For Strength When Temptations Rise:

Proverbs 24:10 says, if you fail in the day of adversity, your Strength is small.

Strength is what we need to Face the unending temptations that buffet us each new day. That strength is drawn in the place of Prayer.

” When temptations rise, Lord, you are our Strength, in you we find strength to stand against the evil day in Jesus name, amen”

11. Prayer To Interact Well With People:

People are the major constituents of our day, and so premium attention should be paid to mastering dealings with people, so as to produce healthy relationships.

“Lord as we step out today, help us to Maximize true and quality relationships you send our way. May we not be ignorant or blind to neglect and disdain them in Jesus name, amen”

12. Prayer for Wisdom & Understanding:

Wisdom is the golden key that unlocks every door, and so when given the opportunity to make our request in prayers, we must be like Solomon in our asking.

Wisdom the Bible says is Profitable to direct, and in all your getting, get Wisdom and understanding.

“Lord we pray for Wisdom and Understanding to be fully manifested in our lives and dealings today…”   Amen


For a great and blissful day ahead of you, these and many more are the prayer points you must engage every morning, not in a sense of religiosity, but in all sense of honesty and Sincerity of heart.

12 Strategic Morning Prayer Points You Should Pray Every Morning

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