Ministering Healing Without an Anointing

Ministering Healing Without an Anointing

People see Ministering Healing Without an Anointing as an impossible phenomenon. Perhaps they think that Ministering Healing Without an Anointing isn’t realistic to just believers.

Probably, they are thinking that this anointing of a thing is just for the called ministers of the Gospel. Well I’d say that it is a wrong phenomenon.

Believers all over the world have learnt things and teachings which are at the expense of their souls. All I’ve got to say to them is “You’ve got to unlearn them so as to stay positive in the spirit.

Ministering Healing Without an Anointing – How to Minister Without an Anointing

This is scriptural! Every believer has an anointing.

The scripture doesn’t say, these signs shall follow those who are baptized with the holy spirit’it says’ the signs shall follow them that BELIEVE … they shall lay bands on the sick,and they shall recover'[mark 16.17-18].

l’d tell my baptist congregation that l’d preach it from the pulpit; but l didn’t lay hand on them publicly. when i’d visit them in their homes,id read this to them. see;it says right here. we believe, don’t we? don’t you believe on Jesus?

yeah, I believe on him, all right,” they’d say.
“I’m going to lay my hands on you,and GOD is going to heal you,” I’d tell them.

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After coming into Pentecostal circles, I found from talking to the pastors that while i was a baptist boy preacher,without the baptism of the holy spirit, I was getting a higher percentage of my people healed than any five Pentecostal pastors were their people.

Some said they seldom got anybody healed. it was a common occurrence with me.The difference was that I was teaching faith and prayer. I didn’t have any anointing;i didn’t feel any thing; and nothing went out of me into them.

one of these early experiences with healing Involved the pianist of the little country church I was pastoring. when she wasn’t there one Sunday, I asked about her and was told she was in the hospital and was scheduled for surgery the following morning.

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I got up very early the next morning to get to her before they gave her a shot and i couldn’t communicate with her .the sun wasn’t up yet when i arrived at the hospital

I got the scripture to her .I said,”i’m going to pray for you. Here’s what the bible says.”

I had a little olive oil, and i told her,”I’M going to anoint you with oil.”then i said,”Here it says that these signs shall follow them that believe. They will lay hands on the sick. I’m going to lay hands on you.”

Although I was used to seeing people get healed, I DIDN’T EXPECT IT TO HAPPEN AS FAST AS IT DID. When I started praying for her,she exclaimed, “WHOOOO! I’ve got it!” and jumped right out of bed, She never was operated on.

Now if that’ll work for the baptists, it’ll work for anybody and then I didn’t have the Holy Spirit then.

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