Living Together Before Marriage

Living Together Before Marriage: Is It Right or Wrong? See Facts

Have been faced with the situation of living together before marriage (probably with your so-to be spouse)?

Are you still dumbfounded if it is really wrong or right to live with someone you are not married to?

Do you think you can get the support of the God? your parents and friends?

Well, these questions have caused so much learned and unlearned victims tend to seek for advice from any source they can probably get hold of.

The ideal of this very content is to enlighten you and to bring to you the truth which was hidden for a very long time.

There are so many things and facts attached to this talk today. The truth is, It is VERY WRONG! Living together before marriage is never welcomed by anybody.

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It is wrong to live with a man who is not your husband. Also it is not uncallful for you to live with a man who is going to be your husband.

The bible said “Marriage is honorable in a bed not defiled. Until you are married, you are still a single. You will be prone to so many things if you are staying together when you’ve not married.

Take heed this day! It is very wrong. Do you tarry nor live with a man who is yet to pay your dowry. Living together before marriage can expose you to so many things.

The tendency for you guys to have sex is 99%, quote me wrong. There is absolutely no way for you to justify it.

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Now from people’s view, they will see you (the young lady) as an uncultured person. It lead will lead to so many side-talks. Even your parents will be affected by it.

Keep yourself respected. The young man will respected you when you say no. If you reject staying with him before marriage, it i make him respect you so much.

Now if you are living together before marriage, it may make the marriage linga. Before talking about marriage there are things you should know before getting into it.

The young man will say; since you are already living with him, there’s no point in seeing your people for dowry payment. You are not yet a wife until he has legally married you.

You will be known as a fornicator in heaven because you are living with someone who has not married you.

So beloved, be warned!

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