5 Jobs Christians Shouldn’t Do

Christians tend for more as they fail to understand whom they really are. Christianity as we all know is not just a religion, Yes! it is obviously more than that. In this out dispensation, a lot of people live with such mentality and knowledge.

Far from that phenomenon. Now the question here is “What is Christianity?”

What is Christianity?

The word Christianity has to do wit your experiences. Yes! your personal experience with Jesus Christ and that is why we are named after Him (Christians).
That name “Christian” is not just a new family name. It is a whole identity because it has to do with your personal relationship with Christ.

God really wants every personality especially the Christians to know what that name means. That same name anchors their walk with Christ and so on.

Believers or perhaps Christians should know all these facts. I see ignorance! yes and that is the major reason why Christians do anyhow. The moment you know all these, you will carefully guide your stay here on earth.

In addition to all these; there are some certain jobs we shouldn’t do. Your pursuit for money or financial stability shouldn’t make you forget whom you are. It pains me a lot to see believers work in an unwanted work places or jobs as the case may be.

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Long time ago, when i was jobless; I was faced with some situations like where to work. I see jobs to apply for (i know you would be wondering why i called it a challenge). It is a challenge because these jobs are never meant for Christians. Although their pay was quite impressing and attractive that people could hardly say no to it.

But considering whom I was; I preferred being jobless than doing a wrong job. That was so because I value that my name “CHRISTIAN”. So this is the reason why I say, it anchors all areas of our lives.

Jobs Christians Shouldn’t Do

Here on this piece or article, i’m going to teach your or perhaps highlight the various kinds of jobs you shouldn’t do as a Christian.
Here Below;


I’m pretty sure that a good many of you would be surprise with this. Hotel Jobs was, and its never meant for Children of God (Believers). What did you see in a hotel job?
Do you think its nice for you to be working in an adulterous garden? where you would be cleaning a fornication bed on regular basis?
Where you’ll be serving fornicators, smokers, robbers, drug dealers. How do you work for them?
You handed the room keys to them, you serve them daily meal, you clean their rooms including their beds etc.

What are you still waiting for? you are bold to call yourself a christian and yet you work in a hotel? My friend, you really need coaching and prayers.


You are free to argue here! but do not forget to learn and believe you me; I’m unveiling the long hidden truth. You’ll be confusing and deceiving yourself and your walk with Christ if you work in any betting shop/office.
In this our day; there are so many betting networks such as Bet9ja, Nairabet, 360bet, Yangabet etc. This is not a job but a bondage.

Working on any of these, simply makes you ungodly. You read bible and also goes to church regularly; but your delight is to work in a betting office? please repent from this, It is ungodly.


It is very wrong for you to work in a bar or beer parlous. There is no point in playing o words here. Yes! i’m just gonna hit the hammer right on the nail.
You encourage people to drink, smoke (where there is a bar/beer parlor; there must certainly be rooms for smoking). How do you encourage them?
Off course no business person would want to loose clients or customers. Their prayer will be; Lord I Need Customers. Now who are the customers? Christians? or perhaps your christian brethren? wrong.

Those same drunk men and smokers are the same very people that’ll patronize your business. So by selling to them, you’re indirectly encouraging them to keep the wrong doings.


Huh? surprised?
You might be wondering what this means or what message could it be passing out. There are jobs we do and suddenly become a captive.
Bondage Jobs are those jobs that does not give you the time to serve God. Many will say its normal and even God understands.

Do not be deceived! when you don’t go to church regularly probably due to the nature of your job; Dear, you are doing a bondage job. Yes! you are in bondage.

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One thing about these jobs is “Its pay is quite attractive”. Maturity of the people I know who does this kind of job always say same. Their main reason of doing so is just because of the pay (High Payment).

You don’t need any body to deliver you from these bondage. The only way you could be delivered is by quitting the job.
NOTE: You can’t serve God the way He wants it unless you kill your pleasures and wants. Allow Him (God) to lead you in all.


Illegal jobs? There are so many jobs we do which are illegal and ungodly. When i say Ungodly; it means something that does not glorify God.
So many individuals today have invested their time and effort in illegal jobs. Now what are illegal jobs?

When i talk about Illegal jobs, i mean those jobs that are not right such as Deceiving people with a fake brand/product (Yahoo boys/girls), stealing, scamming peoples money online, blogging fake things just to get audience and some $$, drug dealings etc.


Be wise, do not chaste money. Do the right thing and money will begin to look for you. It may take time; but when it comes you’ll be the testifier.

Have you got any question to ask, suggestion or opinion to make?
Just feel free to send us a feedback using the comment section below; thanks.

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