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Humility Lifestyle Before Marriage (True Life Story Of A Lady)

Some years ago in IMO state, a nice looking wretched young guy in appearance halt his bicycle at the front of a hair-salon and requested for a cup of cold water from one of the lady in the shop who happens to be the big madam.

After he drank the water he told the lady who is in her late 30’s that God instructed him to come and marry her.

The lady was shocked, to the amazement of all she splash water on the young dude, insulted and command him to walk out.

Suddenly the younger sister of the lady quickly help the young dude to clean up and apologize on behalf of her elder sister. They both exchange pleasantries and become friend.

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In few weeks the young dude propose to the lady. She was shocked, I mean, how can this wretched young dude proposed to me.

But come to think about this …. “He can speak fluently but he is dime poor and poorer than a church rat”

That was how she confide with her parent. Though the dad hesitated but through the intervention of the mum a trial was given to the guy.

In few weeks the traditional wedding was fixed and to the amazing of everyone — a group of boys storm her father’s compound with an instruction that their boss has requested them to build a magnificent mansion on any chosen location in the compound.

I mean, within a month a mighty mansion was erected in the family for the father and yet none was aware that the young looking wretched guy was a bastard billionaire.

During the traditional wedding it was discovered that the elder sister has hanged herself due to shame and the father instructed the family to keep it secret and allow her to rot in the room until after the celebration.


One of the scarcity trait in life of most young lady is ” lack of humility” — a young lady might look pretty and beautiful but unfortunately the humility trait might not abide.

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I have fallen in love, experience the taste of love and dine with love but it’s unfortunate that love can’t be complete without humility.

If you are not humble and able to love everyone, accept everyone and see yourself as nobody, you will surely find it difficult to enjoy the depth of love.

I have relates with some single and married sisters and the most common thing in them all is ” I don’t care much about money but rather his love for me”

Now, a woman will ask you to keep money issue aside but after a while she will sneak in as a thief requesting for the same money for her upkeep.

Women are so interesting and if you have never encountered with them, dine with them and have deep affection with any of them — you may tagged such beautiful element as the best creature.

There is no woman that is heavenly endowed with all the grace of perfection. No woman is perfect because no matter how you try to please, care and love a woman — she will always act like a child.

However as a young lady going into marriage — you have all planed and strategies but always have in mind that marriage is the most hardest thing in life to build.

Yes, I’m still enjoying my singleness because nothing sweet in life than bachelor-hood. It will gives you time to think and express yourself but once you involved a woman in your life — honestly my brother, your life will be divided.

But if God be on your side and miraculously encountered with a humble lady, submissive and respectful with kindful heart and always wish to see your success and not only backing you up due to selfish interest —in fact, you will become the most happiest man on earth because noting pleaseth a man than finding a comforting woman at home.

Lastly, to all my beautiful sister out there… Who are still waiting upon the Lord for a great intervention in their marital life — don’t lose hope but try to seek for humility and not riches and whenever you fall in love, please don’t also fall with your sense because not everyone deserves this thing called “LOVE”

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