How To Find A Good Lady For A Wife

How To Find A Good Lady For A Wife

In today generation, finding a good thing is so tough, rough and very hard to acquired. Marriage is honorable and also the desire of everyone to get married to their specific heart desire.

But in a scenario where good life partner proved so scarce to behold, especially a good lady for a wife material, where the whole crane and corners is filled mostly with women, both in the church and streets, parading to & fro without basic quality of a good wife, but only seeking a man to devoured in marriage.

In this scenario, how can you devotedly search-out a good befitting young lady for a wife material? Though you might have interview many of them, but unfortunately you are yet to get-hold a good sensible and reasonable lady as a wife.


As bachelor who is anxiously seeking and praying to behold a virtuous woman, the race in searching that reasonable young lady for a life partner might seem so tough and deeper tough to find but the years spend in searching for her worth it.
The reason why most bachelors are yet to behold a good reasonable lady for a wife is due to what I called “EYES SERVICE”


Marriage is an agreement between two adults whom had decided to live together. However, while searching for a good lady, you ought to be friendly and jovial with everyone around you.

Some bachelors are ignoramus while associating or interacting with sisters. Women are very sensitive and always carry along with them an active recording mentality.

Whenever you act too harshly to a particular sister, instantaneously she will mark you (red) danger in her mental registrar and will never and ever accept your marriage proposal with her full sense intact unless she is under pressure.

Hence, this first act deal with friendly, cheerfulness and interactive. Don’t dare underrate or belittle any sister around or within your church but rather be ease on them because one of them might become God’s perfect will and after such godly approval, you will find it so ease to convince her to accept your proposal.


While searching for a good wife, you must first abolish every self-desire or will and embraced God perfect blinded will. The woman whom the Lord had prepared for you might not be educated, beautiful, wealthy or working class simply because there is a special tool which the Lord had deposited in her, though you may not see it but in due process of time you will behold the manifestation of those hidden virtues in that woman.


This act has deprived many brothers from getting married to the woman whom would have become the foundation of their magnificent empire. They lack the grace of forgiveness and tolerance.

No young lady is perfect or doesn’t have a flaw. She must definitely possess an irritating character that won’t conform to your basic wants in her.

However while searching for a good wife, be quick to forgives and forget the mistakes or error of any sister around or within your environment. You need to behold such lady is a child who need an impartation and not someone who need an iron rod to rule and dominate.


To find a good lady for a wife material might seen tough but with prayers and subduing your emotion and eyes service, you will definitely behold her because she is not far from you.

Lastly, I want to use this medium to greet “my dear future wife, Nneoma, the honey pie and sunshine beauty of my heart”

Honestly searching for you is like climbing mountain Everest. You were so scarce but I thank God you have been captured by the Holy Ghost.

So, my beloved bachelors, it’s time to keep on searching, searching and continue searching for that sweetie-heart of your life. But whatever happened, please don’t give-up because she is not far from you.

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