How solving problems can make you rich

How Solving Problems Can Make You Rich

You were created to solve a problem. Every man on earth was born to solve a problem and as a matter of fact, you’re the response to the need God created. You are the answer to a question God knew they were asking your generation.

Still on this thread, everyone came to earth to manage a problem. You exist because you are the fulfillment of one of God’s desires. You are the assignment in your generation. I’m not better than you and so you are. You are not born to just make a living and pay bills and die.

However, you get paid for the problems you solve. You don’t work really for money, you work for solution and your employers are gonna pay you for the solutions you provided. So once you find the problem, you’ve found your wealth.

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You become valuable based on on the problem you solve. Moses in the bible became valuable when he solved the problem of slavery. David solved the problem of killing Goliath and that made him valuable. Please do not ask God to remove every Goliath you meet. Stop praying for deliverance from your success.

When the problem shows-up don’t ask God to move it because the problem shows up in other to introduce you to yourself. If there was no Goliath, there will definitely be no king David. Goliath was David’s ticket to greatness. So don’t just fight your Goliath; KILL IT and stop running away from the key to your greatness.

The problems you will solve this week has been sent to give you value. David was not important until he killed Goliath. Your values goes up when your problems are solved. So when you see some difficulties in your work-place, school, church, fellowships embrace them and say to them “WELCOME TO YOUR GREATNESS”.

Also, you are never remembered for the things you avoided but you are remembered for the things you survived. Please friends don’t look for money. Money follows solutions. Go and find your problem.

Maybe your greatness might be in the problem around your neighborhood, school, church, school fellowships, working place, digital and social group etc. Don’t be so busy trying to pay your Nepa bills, school fees and lots more then walking-past the problem everyday that is supposed to make you great.

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Even Jesus solved the problem of sin and that’s why He’s so famous. He solved the most important problem on earth. Every problem is a business.

Remember; God never gave Adam anything. He put everything on things around Him. God never gave Adam a chair, a bed and a table because He (God) hid them in the trees. Everything you need for your success is around you.

All you have to do is to see through! Discover the table and chair in that tree. There’s a gift in you. Discover it. Getting rich is what you will enjoy at your peak when you discover your gifting.

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