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How To Build A Good Relationship In The Fear Of God

Building a good relationship in the fear of God has been misunderstood by so many youths. Perhaps they are blinded by the trends or the way every other person rocks it.

Majority of the relationships today were not built in the fear of God because they are ignorant to some certain relationship realities.

Apparently, I’ve been able to come up with what will help lots of folks get their relationship standing in the ear of God.

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In previous and past years, I’ve seen so many youths (of opposite sex) who said they are in good relationship and perhaps in the fear of God.

That’s not even the matter here! Not so long the next shocking thing you’ll hear is “The Lady Is Pregnant” and I kept asking myself some simple questions like;

1. Is this not a Godly relationship?
2. Is this not a good relationship?
3. Is this relationship not built in the fear of God?

After asking myself all these questions, I finally came to a conclusion of “That’s never the God type of relationship”, not even a bit of it.

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Now hear this, It is very possible for you as a christian to be in a relationship with a lady for couple of years before getting married to her.

Meanwhile I didn’t come here to lament much on this, rather I just came to candidly highlight it straight ahead without much hesitation.

How To Build A Good Relationship In The Fear Of God

Here are some helpful things that will help you build a perfect relationship in the fear of God. This is not magic but reality.

Get God Involved In Your Relationship

Your relationship can never get better if God is not involved. There is no way you can possibly build a godly relationship if God didn’t permit it.

Mind you! Don’t bother going into any relationship if you are not ready for marriage. Don’t just go into a relationship because others are doing it.

God can never grant you the permission if your desire for the relationship is not marriage. So if you know that you are ready for marriage, then you can go ahead by seeking God’s permission.

Discipline Yourself

This issue of disciplinary in relationships has been ignored but the truth is, you can’t build the God type of relationship if you don’t discipline yourself.

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Learn to discipline yourself in almost all areas of your relationship life.

You should not visit your spouse alone, try going with a friend. Don’t always engage yourselves in too many confidential discussions, always make your conversations in front of your friend and your spouse.

In most cases, the men are advised not to visit their spouse.

Do not touch her! Let your body contacts be limited. At least you both should get along with just a hand shake, nothing other than that should be welcomed.

There’s no room for kissing, hugging or having robbing of your body parts. Self discipline comes second after your must have consulted God for your relationship.

Kill Lust

Don’t give room for lust. If lust should come into any one of you, there is a big trouble. Lust has the capacity of rendering your relationship impure and dirty before the eyes of the Lord.

Always pray against lust.

Form A Prayer Team

This one is very rare. But you can do something great.

You can have prayer meeting with your spouse. Have good time to pray for your marriage and the success of your marriage.

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One of the major difference between two marriages is their foundation. So spend more time together in laying a great foundation of your marriage in prayers and fasting.

In this prayer, you must not be together or meet for it, Yes! distances shouldn’t be a barrier to that.

You can have a day for prayer and fasting, even if you’re around or close to each other or not. Whenever the day comes, you both can fast and pray that same day.

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