What The Goalkeeper Knows

One Sunday afternoon a mother and her one year baby were caught up on the last floor of a 5-storey building as fire ravaged the building.

Onlookers appealed to the woman to throw the baby down and jump herself. She refused to throw down the baby because she felt non of the onlookers had the skill to catch her baby.

As the fire was closing in on the woman and her baby, an experienced retired goalkeeper known to the distraught woman rushed to the scene.

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Finally the woman agreed to throw down her baby because she believed the veteran keeper could catch her. Quickly she threw down the baby and the keeper caught her comfortably as a cheer rose from the crowd.

But as they watched, the keeper thew the child up and kicked her back up into the fire! He had been trained to CATCH, THROW UP AND KICK BACK!


1. No matter what you know through education and experience, every situation in life demands a different set of actions! What worked in A might not work in B!

2. You must constantly update your knowledge about life; the latest version yesterday is today’s outdated version. Keep an open mind.

3. Remember, certain information, revelation and vision are meant for us to catch and keep; don’t be quick to kick out or share, you might kick it into the fire!

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4. In your finances, you are supposed to catch and keep money! Control your spending and learn to save for tomorrow. Don’t catch and kick out!

5. Finally, when people confide in you, catch and keep! Don’t kick people’s secrets back to the public domain and put such persons in the fire of shame.

Everyone is a goalkeeper but life is not about catching and kicking back! Sometimes, YOU NEED TO CATCH AND KEEP!

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The article was written by Mr Kasarachi Innocent.

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