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Top 10 Free Education Websites Where You Can Learn Almost Everything

Free Education has been secured at your peak and disposal. Do you love a course and would love to further a high-school education to just learn the course? Before now, I’ve seen a lot of folks out there who have been disappointed for countless times in the spate of getting into high school and universities.

However, in this our current generation; so many individuals have given themselves to learning in different fields and areas too. Moreover, this is a jet world where knowledge and wisdom is gradually increasing everyday in a plethora manner.

But on the other side, there are so many folks who really want to get some knowledge in a tertiary or public school but are hindered probable because of finance. But, with the internet and some other websites on this shore, you can easily learn anything you want from these education websites for free. Yeah, you don’t need to pay a dime.

In addition to this, the Internet is a factor for many types of activities and information. If you can understand the opportunities round the corners of the internet; you’ll stand the chance of getting reliable information. What am I saying in essence?

You can find any information you need in the internet at ease. Meanwhile let’s not deviate from the topic of this thread.

Top 10 Free Education Websites

1. edX:

Free interactive courses in many areas of study delivered with the assistance of top universities (Harvard University, Boston University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology).

Click here to get started

2. Lifehacker:

Articles, tips and tricks regarding life. Click here to get started

3. University of Reddit:

A famous website for many video lessons, practical training and tips. Click here to get started

4. Khan Academy:

Presentations and video explanations mainly in the fields of Mathematics, Science and Engineering.
Click here to get started

5. BBC Languages:

More than 30 languages for you to choose from delivered with online courses. Click here to get started

6. TED:

Online educational lectures on a variety of topics. Click here to get started

7. Udemy:

A website for online courses in many areas with many opportunities to learn anything from programming to accounting for free. Click here to get started

8. iTunes U:

An innovative app from Apple with many teaching materials, documents, photos, videos and grading system. Click here to get started

9. Academic Earth:

A free collection of online courses from top universities. Click here to get started

10. Free Computer Books:

Free books for programming, web design and computer-related topics. Click here to get started

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