Fake Pastors and Pastor’s Wives

Devil’s Agents In The Church; Fake Pastors and Pastor’s Wives

Key verse: 2nd Corinthians 11:15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.

From testimony of Sister Finda, on the fate of those that missed the rapture:

“We went to a place, a large crowd was gathered, they were worshiping the devil, and they wore gowns, red and black in colour. They had long false hair on their head, they had this fearful look, and Satan was sitting in the middle.

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Then I asked him, I pointed to the category of women, women who were advanced in age, “Who are these women?” He laughed, he was so happy. Brethren, there was no sign of Jesus, no sign of mercy, no sign of forgiveness. All you can see, all you can hear, all you can feel is terror and pain; those things that will make you know that really you are in the region of hell.

Again, I pointed to the women and asked, “Who are these women?” He answered, “These are the fake pastors’ wives that I assigned to the world. I sent them to the world to pollute the church.” One of the women stood up and she began to perform what she used to do when she was on earth: how she manipulated the church, how she caused confusion in the church, how she turned the heart of her husband so that her husband would love her more than the congregation, how she corrupted the message.

She provoked me by what she was saying and as she went round about me, I was crying and they were laughing.

Then I pointed to the category of young people and said, “Satan, who are these people?” Again, he laughed and said, “These are my young agents, these are the young people that I sent to confuse the world.” Before he finished talking I understood exactly what he meant. The dressing of today is not fashion, the dressing of today is not coming from men; it is coming from the devil.

I saw these young people, they wore what we young people call tight; they wore sleeveless, chains, lip shine, earrings, rings on their fingers and expensive shoes. I said, “These things are made by men” and the devil laughed and said, “They are only deceiving you, they are made by me.” He said, “All these little things you see that you people don’t give serious attention are instruments of confusing young people not to serve God.” He said some people boast that they are Christians and they dress like this, they are not Christians.” I was shocked.

Thought for the day: By their fruit you shall know them.
Song for the day: Prodigal son, you better come back home
Bible reading for the day:
Joshua 14-15; Luke 4:33-44

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