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INTERVIEW: Meet Awogor Matthew An Online Entrepreneur, Freelancer, Computer Techie, PR, App Developer, Programmer and Blogger

Today, Benson Chidiebere brings you an interview with an erudite online entrepreneur, Awogor Matthew.

Without wasting much of your time, I strongly believe that Mr Awogor Matthew has great words for you and a lot to say about his success.

Interview With Awogor Matthew An Online Entrepreneur, Freelancer, Computer Techie, PR, App Developer, Programmer and Blogger

Benson Chidiebere: What is your full name?

Awogor Matthew: My full name is Awogor Matthew

Benson Chidiebere: Please sire, from what I know, you’re an online entrepreneur,
please tell us, what are your specializations?

Awogor Matthew: My specializations? Hmm. I think this is one of the biggest question for everyone out there to answer but for me being a freelancer, I’d say that am mostly specialize in web design, search engine optimization and my general blogging passion

Benson Chidiebere: Okay sire, did you by any means went for any tertiary training for all these?

Awogor Matthew: Nope I didn’t acquire any tertiary training for these and also I don’t encourage people to follow my ways.

Benson Chidiebere: I see! you said you didn’t acquire any formal training on any of these; so were you learning strategies?

Awogor Matthew: My learning strategies? I started thinking about web design when I was in Primary school. In facts, I will say it’s supposed to be my child play hubby if I have had the opportunity then. I had no access to cell phone nor laptop then but I really wanted to do this. In my secondary school, I had a Nokia phone though couldn’t do the research I needed but I could read a lot about how to start a website what I needed etc.

That process leads me to signing up for the first gmail I used till dates when I wanted to sign up for bluehost hosting as recommended by the writer I was reading from then.

It keeps on growing until after my secondary school, I met someone with similar passion by name Prosper Noah who we both started the journey together. I got to launch one website with and put my picture there and it could be accessed by anyone anywhere… Boom it was like a dream come through for me. We continued together till I keep on progressively growing my passion and interest till I decided to make it a career even after my tertiary institution.

Therefore, asking about my learning strategies, I will solely say, I learn almost everything online with different trial and error and now I can boldly take on any web design contract with anyone and deliver within the expected time.

Benson Chidiebere: Wow…that’s good to hear. You know, this situation is very invisible and rare in our time now.

So sire, did you by any means went to any tertiary institution to study a course after your O level?

Awogor Matthew: Well maybe am yet to do that.

Benson Chidiebere: Okay……I though as much as that. From all these, do you earn a living from it? is the income worth tagging steady?

Awogor Matthew: definitely yes….I could say am earning a living from it already because am able to pay my current bills without having to beg or borrow. That a lone, am so much appreciative to God almighty.

Benson Chidiebere: Good, You said you’re a freelancer; so what services do you render to people?

Awogor Matthew: I offer Website design, website development service and most importantly, Web management. For some people owning a website isn’t a problem for them but managing it like posting, updating it day by day or even for eCommerce sites, uploading products is a challenge for them, so, in my web management freelancing service, I tried to cover this as well.

Also to my services, I offer search engine optimization service where I handle clients websites, landing pages and blogs with priority to help them generate more targeted traffic from search engines like google, bing etc. I work here basically in Link building, Keyword research, Content marketing, Content product etc.
I also help clients to manage their social media accounts to re-brand them to a standard they can become a voice while they focus more on other activities of their business.

Benson Chidiebere: Wow, this is an erudite one!! I’m impressed. Having achieved all these, do you think that furthering your education is a better option here? or rather than investing more resources to your business.

Awogor Matthew: Wow, I know a lot of people believed education isn’t a good choice for them when they are able to make #10,000 per month. But for me, I believe education is the most important thing for the future
irrespective of what you are earning. I don’t believe anymore in going to school to come and carry my result and be looking for jobs submitting CVs here and there. But I believe in furthering my education in order to advance my business in the nearest future.

Benson Chidiebere: This is super wisdom. So what is the secret in your blogging?
how did you manage to bypass being an average blogger? Have you made any cash-out from Adsense and other ads network?

Awogor Matthew: I think this question came with sub questions and I will treat them as such.

The secret in my blogging? Nah, I got no secret. I blog like every other person because of my passion but at the same time, I strive to be paid for my passion.
I try my best to be an authentic blogger offering what I think is best to offer at my disposals.

I have only catch out ones from Google Adsense since I joined their program and that’s because, most a times, I will make good amount of money on reaching the date I will be paid, Google will bring funny stories so I relented from using Google Adsense until January 2018 I started using it again and got my first paycheck in April against May 2018. That was actually my first realistic Google Adsense earnings.

Benson Chidiebere: What is your niche? and why did you choose such niche?
and please can you break down the meaning of niche so that even laymen could understand what it means.

Awogor Matthew: My niche? I write reviews on products and services, companies and brands.

I choose it because I love talking about businesses in my own way so this is my own type of gossiping
A niche in blogging is a professional category of topics you choose to be writing on. It compromises of different things, education niche, health niche, news and entertainment niche etc.

Benson Chidiebere: Alright sire, what advice and encouragement do you have for new timers?
Awogor Matthew: My advice to new timers is they shouldn’t rush into the business because they heard someone else is making money from it.

By the time they start it with such mentality, they will get tired earlier than they expected and possibly give-up.

What is required is first passion, purpose and finally actions then you can hit the best result as a starter.
I encourage everyone who sees the opportunity to become a blogger, freelancer or a web developer to give in their best as the competition is high and the demand is low.

Kindly visit Awogor Matthew’s Website at for consultation bookings.

Thanks to Awogor Matthew for the opportunity given to this blog for this exclusive interview.

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  1. Benson,
    This is awesome! I enjoyed your questions and Matthew really did perform well. I’ve known Awogor for more than a year now and I can say he’s an Icon for most of us. He’s a very smart entrepreneur and with him by my side, my journey as an online entrepreneur has been changing for good.
    Stay awesome,

    1. Wow….nice comment and super compliment to Matt

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