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  • Magazines For Salons – Keeping Your Customers Happy

    As a salon owner, you already know that you are in a tough business, a business in which you must possess more than just skills to succeed. This is a business in which you have to maintain friendly and personal relationships with your customers to make them feel at home in your salon. This is […]

  • Dare to Dream

    My granddaddy once told me that when our DREAMS are big enough that the odds don’t matter. Well, here I am all these years later now shouting from the rooftops, “Dare to Dream!” That’s right! Dare to dream and don’t be afraid to even dream with your eyes wide-open. You see, any dreaming is better […]

  • Why It Matters

    WHY IT MATTERS: THOUGHTS ON THE IMPORTANCE OF COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT IN CAREER PLANNING Communities grow its youth in numerous ways. As an award winning educator entering my forty seventh year of educational service; I am delighted with the youth programs I support through the El Pomar Foundation in Colorado Springs. Over the years of my […]

  • Does Your Pet Rule the Home?

    Cats and dogs have been the favoured house pets for centuries and shower us with much affection. A home is not a home without a pet- welcoming when we arrive back from a day’s work or outing. The look of love and happiness in their eyes together with a tail wagging like a whirlwind on […]

  • Discovering Barcelona

    Barcelona, Spain is an excellent summer tourist spot. It is the capital city of Catalonia and it is the largest and second most populated municipality in all of Spain. It is home to approximately 4.8 million people, which is quite the impressive number. This large metropolis can be found just between the river mouths of […]

  • Amaze Yourself With the Beauty of Italy by Custom Italian Tours

    enice, Verona, Milan, Florence, Tuscany, Sicily, and Rome-these cities are more than enough reason to dream of custom Italian tours where you can be in full control of where you want to go and what you want to see in the fascinating country. Whether you want a classic tourist experience or take a road less […]

  • Review of The Offspring

    Offering a read that simultaneously compels, repels, and excites, author Bill Pinnell’s The Offspring, peers into the dark side of human nature via family relationships, secrets, and racism, shown through a multi-layered, multigenerational, multi-perspective lens bringing together a set of characters whose lives intersect in interesting and at times intense ways. First, the curiosity is […]

  • Book Review of Harbor’s Edge by Sanne Rothman

    Sanne Rothman’s young adult thriller, Harbor’s Edge, piques the curiosity while romancing the imagination, with a story that offers mystery, the supernatural, budding romance, and an intelligent 14-year-old heroine on a profoundly insightful journey to self-discovery. The story is set in beautiful Hawaii with which author Sanne Rothman does a wonderful job of detailing the […]

  • New Book Inspires With Words, Poetry, Art, and Wisdom

    Chandra Ziegler’s new book Extraordinary Endurance: A Training Plan for the Marathon of Life is a unique book that gives the reader a look into the beauty of its author’s soul as she tries to juggle the many aspects of life. While Ziegler is a marathon runner, hence the book’s title, running is only part […]

  • Influential Study When Sources Are Like Freebooksmania

    Influential Study When Sources are like freebooksmania! Living in the world whose modern foundations are based on freebooksmania and knowledge, it is not hard to contribute in the technology when you are educated and have a passion to explore what has been carved by others. Now we have many sources of education and learning but […]