About Benson Chidiebere Oguguo

Who Is Benson Chidiebere Oguguo

Benson Chidiebere Oguguo is the President and Visioneer of Gospel Reporters, formerly the President at Endtime Evangelical Team. His Enthusiasm and passion for GOD has driven him into taking up a course in Pentecostal International Bible Seminary School.

It also produced in Him the burden to birth Burning Bush Experience, a platform upon which he has utilized to steer the hearts of men towards God’s direction.

His unique Grace and abilities has knitted him so dearly to the hearts of millions of people that have listened to him at conferences and seminars around the world.

He has a great passion to reach out to young people, the youths and teenagers alike, with a divine purpose on earth “Honouring God and Blessing Humanity”. This vision has gradually Metamorphosed over the years into numerous online platforms, that seeks to connect youths globally.

These online platforms hosted and pioneered by Benson Chidiebere Oguguo include, YouNiversity(a digital Academy where you can learn tons of digital skills), All Scholarship Update (An online scholarship website that connects thousands of people with Scholarship opportunities).

Annually, His free Financial Seminar, GO BROKELESS is broadcasted globally to help people develop the right attitude towards Money, and also arming them with strategies and Opportunities of acquiring it.

His managerial prowess has seen Him assume the position of the manager at Grace Exclusive Musical Studio, where he has not ceased to Multiply his impact in the Lives of his subordinates, and all those who come around.

He is yet to Publish any of his artworks, however, his podcasts, audios, and write-ups on Facebook and Whatsapp and various social media platforms, has ignited the souls of men, and equipping them for Kingdom advancement.

His is a story of a man helped by God.

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