Benson Chidiebere is one of the top Nigerian bestselling author, speaker, mentor, preacher and enterprenuer. He has been reckoned to be one of the best up and doing young personnel whose main goal is youth.

Youth? Yes. Benson has got a great or perhaps multi intentions for the youths to be precise. He’s love and unending hunger of edifying and tutoring youths all over the world has been a thing that keeps him moving.

Majorly, Benson Chidiebere is an online promoter who works towards in making other peoples’ brands, music etc go viral on the media world.

He has written a book on the market titled “The ABC Of Music” which is one of the top recommended books in the market and in the music industry today.

Benson Chidiebere has founded so many organisations and industries recorded where some He stands in the gap as a co-founder. To such are

  • Endtime Evangelical Team (EET)
  • Youth Inspire Foundation
  • Youth Empowerement Support Initiative
  • GospelJamz Media
  • Holy Crown Movie Production Industry etc.

He’s also a keynote and a high profile speaker, a motivational speaker and a life therapist. Benson Chidiebere has set up a brand ( where He keenly Share some resourceful trends or threads on Mentoship and Entrepreneurship.