Causes Of Unhappy Marriages

6 Causes Of Unhappy Marriages Everyone Should Know

There are so many causes of unhappy marriages today. Meanwhile, marriage was created and ordained by God. So marriage is actually a blessing and not a curse.

From the past and subsequent time, people had always had problems with their marriages. There causes is what we would deal with today.

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So this will lead me to write on the various causes of unhappy marriages. In commencement to this, there are several and so many causes, but on this, we would be dealing with them one after the other.

Causes Of Unhappy Marriages

Just as stated before, there are so many causes of unhappy marriages and that is what we would be treating here today.

1. Unrepentedness:

This is actually one of the major reasons why people unable to enjoy their marriage. You can’t possibly have a happy marriage when you or either your partner has not repented.

Repentance comes when you have invited Jesus into your life. This repentance comes with transformation. So if you have not been transformed, you can’t get a better and happy marriage.

You’ll definitely have a constant quarrel with your spouse when on amongst you has not repented. So unrepented ness is one of the causes of unhappy marriage.

2. Inadequate Preparation Of Marriage:

When you don’t prepare adequately for your marriage, it simply means that you may not have a happy marriage. The problem we have in this dispensation is, people treat marriage matters wrongly.

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People from different races think that marriage is actually a wedding. These are two different things. A wedding is just a day event whereas marriage is the main journey.

So being ignorant of this, they invested all their resources, finances, time, emotions on the day event (Wedding). Were preparing for marriage is untouched.

This is one of the problems people are suffering from. Yeah! this is because they didn’t prepare for marriage.

3. No Common Intimacy:

What do you expect in a marriage where there is no common intimacy between the two parties?

The marriage will and can never be happy. One of the factors of a great relationship is INTIMACY.

Intimacy builds a relationship. So if there’s no intimacy between you and your spouse, it simply means that you’re are the peak of breaking your marriage.

4. Issue Of Child Bearing:

Off course you don’t expect their marriage to be happy and successful where there is no cry of even a single baby.

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The issue of childbearing has rendered so many marriages broken. In situations like this, the two parties involved won’t be happy and relaxed.

Most times, it leads to divorce and all that. So this is actually one of the causes of unhappy marriages.

5. No Trust:

Trust is also one of the key factors of any relationship. It is also one of the reasons why there are unhappy marriages.

Any marriage where there’s no trust can’t be a happy marriage.

6. Honesty And Truthfulness

Your marriage cannot be happy and successful where these two factors are missing. Without honesty and truthfulness, the marriage cannot stand.


Marriage is different from Wedding. A wedding is just a day event whereas marriage is the main journey.

So don’t waste all your time preparing for wedding. Instead channel all your resources, attention, interests in preparing for marriage and not a wedding.

Also know that the best time to prepare for marriage is at your single stage. When you’re still single, that’s the best time to prepare.

Because in your singlehood, you won’t be under a pressure towards preparing. Preparing for your exam before the exam is better than preparing for exam close to the exam date. So be wise.

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