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15 Things You Should Know About a Guy Before Accepting His Marriage Proposal

Did he propose to you? Is he on the lane to do so? Has he started showing you some green lights?

Funny though!

Sincerely beloved! There are certain things you need to know about him before saying yes to his marriage proposal.

Marriage proposal is quite different from “asking you out”. Proposal is majorly when a guy asks a girl for an official consenting of settling with you maritally.

Anything outside this is a mere dating or some kind of relationship engagements.

Notwithstanding,  there are so many things you should know about him before delving into the marital journey with him.

In a nutshell, I’ll be sharing all of those so you could have a path, and a guide towards your experience and marriage journey.

15 Things You Should Know About a Guy Before Accepting His Marriage Proposal


15. Know His Genotype:

This is not a matter of being spiritual or not.

One of the major things you should know about a guy before accepting his proposal is his genotype. Yeah! This aspect really matters a lot dear sister.

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Don’t allow SELF, and EMOTIONS to mislead you. Make sure you know his genotype.

Don’t forget this; ‘Genotype compatibility’ is one aspect in marriage you shouldn’t neglect.

14. Know Why He Wants To Marry:

It’s obvious that so many guys out there don’t really know the reason why they want to marry.

Most of them don’t even have a reason for doing so. Now from another sphere and comparism, there are so many young guys that see marriage very necessary the moment they become ready for child-bearing.

Other young guys want to get married simply because they were pressured by parents and relatives.

As a young lady, as soon a guy proposes to you; try to find out the reason or reasons why he wanted to marry. Please don’t you marry a guy who needed marriage just because he wants to start making babies.

13. Know Why He Choose You:

It is very necessary for you to know why he chose you for marriage. Most men will give you some silly reasons.

I’ve seen a guy who said he can’t marry a lady that is not beautiful, most people said they can’t marry a lady that doesn’t have abundant resources at her back-side and at her chest region. Can you imagine that?

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These guys are already telling you what determines who they will marry. Please here is my candid advice for you dear young lady; don’t marry any guy that will choose you because of your beauty and other irrelevant reasons.

When beauty fades, he’ll leave you for other beautiful young ladies. Marry a man who would appreciate your virtues, your values, etc.

Let his reason be his deep convictions or let it be for the virtue-ness he saw in you.

11. Know His Age:

Knowing his age is something you shouldn’t fail to know. Yeah, make sure you ask him his age. If his age is okay by you; then you’re free to consider him.

What I meant was; his age should be one of the things you should consider before saying yes to his proposal.

10. Know Where He Stays:

Some would say; this is not necessary and many will find this quite funny also.

But listen, knowing where he stays really matters a lot and this is actually one of the questions you should ask him.

It will amaze you to know that many guys are still squatting with their friends in a one room apartment, some stay in a ghetto. Funny enough, most guys are still staying with their parents.

These men are not yet ready; don’t consider such men except he stays with friends, parents for some reasons.

Please note that am not an advocate of cohabitation, and I didn’t say you be visiting him.

All am saying is, you should at least be aware of his residential area.

9. Know His Religious Belief:

It is very important for you to know his religious belief. Don’t be deceived by what you see or know him for. No matter how good he is either morally or otherwise if his religious belief is not similar or the same to yours, the marriage will certainly not work unless one has to let go.

If you’re marrying a Christian whose religious belief does not agree with yours, it’ll be so unreasonable to consider his proposal.

So dear sister, if his religious belief does not agree with yours, just respect yourself, and decline his proposal.

Yeah, your belief and faith are as serious as that. The only reason why you should consider his proposal even when his religious belief does not agree with yours is if God says ‘he is the one’. That should be the only reason why you should up-vote his request.

8. Know His Temperament:

Temperament compatibility is also another factor to consider in choosing a spouse. You really need to know the temperament of the guy that proposed to you.

Meanwhile, I’ll write on temperaments sooner on this same blog, just make sure you stay active with this blog so as to be updated on my subsequent contents.

If you’re very hotter and highly tempered, please don’t marry someone who is also tempered.

Make sure you take your time to study his temperaments before accepting his proposal.

7. Know When He Wants To Marry:

Some guys will just come around to propose to you simply because they wanted to feel among. Of course he wouldn’t want to be tagged odd amongst his fellow guys.

They just wanted to have someone they would call their ‘woman’ not because they’re ready for marriage.

Meanwhile, most guys propose to girls early-enough because they don’t want to risk the fact of losing her to another man.

Some propose to ladies when they’ve become ready for marriage.

Please don’t marry a guy who is not even serious about marriage. Yeah, don’t marry someone who just wanted to meet up with the status quo.

When a guy proposes to you, try to find out when he wants to marry, if the duration or date is okay by you; then you can go ahead to court him.

6. Know His Previous Relationship and Why He Broke Up With Her:

Knowing about his previous relationship is also very important. You need to ask him if he has ever courted any young lady before, also try to know why they broke up.

That might sound very funny but please do not neglect this very aspect. This will really give you a glue to how to stay with him.

5. Know His Qualifications and Credentials:

You should also know his qualifications and credentials, you need to know if he’s a graduate or not. Try to know if he’s an under-graduate or a school cert holder. Most men didn’t attend any; they just went for other skills in some tertiary institutions and organisations.

I’m not saying that you should or must marry a man with a certificate. All am saying is that you should know his level of qualification, then if it is okay by you; you’re free to consider him.

4. Know His Family Background:

This is another important thing you should know about a guy who proposed or will propose to you.

It is very necessary for you to know about his family background; where he came from, his state and local government.

Don’t be in a haste to embarrass your village people (smiles), make sure you know his family background.

3. Know What He Does For a Living:

You must and should be very sensitive in knowing what he does for a living. This is one of the most crucial things you should know about a guy that propose to you.

Who knows, he might be into ritualism (smiles), that’s funny though. But on a serious note, don’t be a fool. You should endeavour to ask him what he does for a living. That’s important beloved.

2. Know His Plans For the Future:

Most guys are just around; they’re not doing anything about their future. They may be working and doing some other lucrative things.

You should ask him his plans for the future. Don’t marry a guy who doesn’t have plans and visions for his future.

1. Know If He’s a Born Again:

This is one of the most important things you should know and also consider about him before agreeing to his quest and proposal.

Recommendationaly, don’t marry anyone who is not a born again, Yes! I heard me right. This is the first thing you should know.


Dear young lady, marriage is not a game or something you should just delve into. Be intentional in choosing whom you want to spend the rest of your life with.

So don’t be blinded by love. Love is not blind. The only reason why you should not consider all these is only if God says ‘go ahead’. But apart from that, you must be very careful and sensitive.

So having read this content, hope it met your expectations? Do you have any question to ask? Or is there a topic you would want me to write on?

Just feel free, to let me know using the comment section below, and please do not forget to hit the share button to help us spread this goodness.

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