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    15 Things You Should Know About a Guy Before Accepting His Marriage Proposal

    Did he propose to you? Is he on the lane to do so? Has he started showing you some green lights? Funny though! Sincerely beloved! There are certain things you need to know about him before saying yes to his marriage proposal. Marriage proposal is quite different from “asking you out”. Proposal is majorly when a guy asks a girl for an official consenting of settling with you maritally. Anything outside this is a mere dating or some kind of relationship engagements. Notwithstanding,  there are so many things you should know about him before delving into the marital journey with him. In a nutshell, I’ll be sharing all of those…

  • Other Names Of Jesus
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    50 Amazing Other Names For Jesus With Bible References

    Scattered all over Scriptures are names of of our Lord Jesus Christ that speaks volume of his person and His assignment in the Earth. From the very First book of the Bible to the last book, these names and titles have stuck out in full glare for everyone to See and reckon with. However, like a hidden Treasure, you have got to Spend hours and probably days to Discover these names, from the multitude of Letters, Words, phrases, and Sentences, the Bible comprises of. On that note, we have decided to spare you the Stress of continually flipping through the pages in Search of these names and titles, below is…

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    23 Powerful Prayer Points For Breakthrough With Bible Verses

    On this very article, I’ll be taking my time to share you all Powerful Prayer Points for Breakthrough with bible verses also. Meanwhile, in my subsequent posts, I’ll take my time to share a good number of Bible Verses on Breakthrough. So, always ensure you check back or you can easily subscribe to our newsletter in other to be updated whenever I publish new articles. People from different cycle of the earth suffer from series of spiritual attacks and projections. Shockingly, this has been one of the major reasons why so many believers out there suffer and remain poor and low in life. Hear me; you can change it today.…