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He Finally Came To Church Well Dressed

He Finally Came To Church Well Dressed
Written by Benson Chidiebere


Well Dressed; here’s the story?
An 8-year old boy from a poor background attended Sunday school for the 1st time. He had never heard such songs & stories before! He had never heard anyone read from the Bible! After the class, the teacher took him aside & said, ” Son, pls don’t come again dressed as you are now. We want you to look your best when we come into God’s house.” The little boy stood in his ragged patched overalls, then looking at his dirty bare feet, he answered softly, “yes ma, I won’t ever.”

What matters here? is it that he wasn’t well dressed? or the soul that needs to embrace change and safety?

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The sad point of this story is that true to his words, he did not ever step into a church again till he died at 6 and he was brought in a white casket, well dressed for his funeral service by his children.

Never judge others because of their actions or appearance! Imagine an 8-year old boy never stepping into a church till he was brought into a church in a casket at 76!

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Can’t you hear those wasted words again; ” Yes ma ,I won’t ever”? What do you think would have happened if the Sunday school teacher had put her arms around the dirty ragged little boy and said, “Son ,I am glad u are here and I hope u will keep coming to hear more about Jesus.” We would have probably have had another great man of God. Never judge others!

Determine to be a positive influence on the weak, bruised and fallen!


Now how many persons have you hindered in one way or the other from achieving either success or something which is very vital? yes! it’s so simple, you can possibly do that from the word you utter or your attribute.

Be wise…..

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