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Become a Text Marketer In 3 Days and Start Earning Good Money Online

Just in 3 consecutive days and as a Text Marketer, you can make cool cash online without workloads. Let me share a secret with you guys!

Do you know that you can actually become a Text Marketer within a week and start earning cash. The rate of money you make depends on your work abilities.

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As a reseller, you will have an ‘administrator’ account. From this account, you will be able to create ‘sub-accounts’ for your customers, see all your sub-account activity, manage all your sub-accounts and transfer credits between your account and your sub-accounts.

Every sub-account gets their own free reply number and also a free keyword on our shortcode. A fully fledged SMS Marketing system.

Meanwhile you can manage SMS for your customers or give them the login details and let them run their campaigns.

In Text Marketer, you will also be given a partner code which you can use if people you are introducing sign up directly with us instead of you creating accounts for them. This will also link their account to your administrator account.

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Additionally, you will receive 10% of the total sales value of any account you introduce, for the life of that account. Subject to a minimum monthly commission of £50 (for all your accounts) and applies to sub-accounts on standard prices only.

You see that you can possibly make a whole lots of money from your home just as a Text Marketer. Aside from this, there are so many other ways to make money online.

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