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Long ago an old man was able to see the future of his town and he saw that danger did loom their future, he saw houses destroyed, he saw dead bodies as a result of been drowned in a flood. He also discovered that the cause of this danger would be an outbreak of some dams surrounding this small town. Determined to save his town no matter what, he drafted out a plan and dashed out into a thick forest close to their town. He went cutting down thick tall trees later that night. He had to do this for the next 1 month.

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Finally he was done with felling these trees now he was set to make an ark that could carry his town people for as long as this flood would stay. Still determined he single handedly finished this ark and started raising an alarm, he told most people about this danger coming and also held seminars for sole purpose of letting people know about the impending danger.

He was only able to convince few persons the rest persons said he was saying nonsense they laughed him to scorn and also told him that if the houses they built could stand all recent rainfalls it could definitely stand future floods. The strong mind this man had made him speak to animals and they did follow him into the ark.

Barely 72hrs after they all entered the ark, these dams broke out and water started coming into the small town, it grew and grew until it was able to drown all houses and lots of persons died. This man was Noah Lamech. He saved these persons who were able to give birth to children and also animals that would also give birth to young ones because he took a risk.

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The man risked his life during those cold nights to save a whole town, he risked his life in that thick forest not minding those wild beasts all around that forest. Until Risk is taken Success is not counted, Until Risk is taken service cannot be rendered until Risk is taken Safety is not gotten. No man ever turned the best without taking a Risk. Safety has lots to do with Comfort and Comfort can never give you a comfortable future.

Noah understand this principle and dashed into that thick forest that night, he saw that if he kept thinking about the great investments his father made for him, he was never going to enjoy them. Only men of Risk rise to Safety. It’s either you Risk today or lose tomorrow. You’ve got to stand up to your dreams for Risk is the foundation of Safety.

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