8 Proven Ways On How To Make Money Online From The Comfort Of Your Home

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Written by Benson Chidiebere

Make Money Online From The Comfort Of Your Home

The economic rate in our local country has suddenly and gradually dilapidated to minority and it’s totally affecting a lot of people. The Nation’s economy has rendered so many citizens useless or perhaps not valuable.

Job’s are nowhere to be found in our society today. A lot of people are suffering from un-employment and joblessness even when they’ve got the highest Certificate. Real and top paying jobs have become something that one will need some kind of connection before it works out.

Today our graduates are the top people that do petty jobs that pay less, cheap or little amount of money. It is quite awful for someone to pass through series of tutors and education then finally got graduated only for him to become a jobless folk. In addition to that, it is an error for a graduate to earn 15k ($41.70) and thereabout where one can possibly earn more than 5 to 7 figures monthly.

Ideally, making money in the shores of the internet has been something that seems to be uneasy to some folks out there. Yes! This is probably because they are ignorance of what it takes to earn online or how to earn online.

Below are some reliable and proven ways on how to make online from the comfort of your home without having much knowledge.


Ways On How To Make Money Online From Home


 I know a good many of you might be thinking if this is possible or is it working or going to be a recommended way of making money online. The truth of the whole matter is, yes, you can possibly make money online from just writing.

If you have a good writing skill or even less knowledge; you can write articles for clients from home and get paid for doing so. Writing includes writing blog posts, articles, ebooks, print books, brochures, newsletters, booklets, white papers, special reports, package information, advertising copy and press releases.

Graphic Design:

You can equally make money from this. If you are graphics designer you stand the chance of making multi number of figures online from the comfort of your home.

Here on this, it includes knowledge on Print Design, Cover Photos, Info graphics, Videography, Business Cards, Flex, Web Design, Book covers, Logos, Album photo etc. With such knowledge; you’ll be making a lot of money online without much stress of going out every day.


What is this? And how does it work?

Well, translating is all about changing of languages; Understood?  For example, I may have an article which was written in English and my targeted audience for the article would be Pakistan, then I’ll need to hire someone who can confidently translate the article to Pakistan.

Meanwhile, there are some hot languages which will fetch you good money, such like Chinese, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Japanese. However, no matter whatever language you speak, you can easily find work if you are good, talented and experienced on it.

Now, you can take advantage of this if you are good on several languages. There are some folks who study several languages but if you were able to grip at least two or more languages, you are on the feet of making money online from the comfort of your home without working under someone.


If you are a programmer you can also utilize your talent too. I f you have good knowledge on Mobile Apps, WordPress, HTML5, PHP, WordPress plugins etc, you have to ability and what it takes to make money online from the comfort of your home without stress.

Internet Marketing:

Another thing we’ll talk about here is internet marketing. This internet market am talking about here is quite different from the normal marketing you do may be on your various domain of where you stay.

Internet marketing or online marketing has to do with marketing peoples business, brands, music, profiles, articles, logos, Ideas, Videos, and Organization etc on the internet shores.

Also, this has to do with, sales copywriting, email marketing, website conversion optimization, blogger outreach and guest posting services.

There are some criteria for this; if you are a public figure, you are good to go. Then when you have a lot of fans on social medias, on your fan pages, twitter handlers, youtube subscribers, you are very much good to proceed. It is easy, just keep promoting and keep earning.


It is real; you can easily make some cash from the comfort of your home with just blogging. Now a good many of you may be asking what blogging all about is and this brings us to the question; what is blogging?

Blogging simply means updating any page with some reliable information/s. There are some examples of blogs like www.lobentherapy.com, www.gospeljamz.com.ng, etc. Now what they do is updating a particular page with some resourceful information based on their blog category.

Now you can make money from blogging, using Google Adsense, Selling Ads Spaces, Sponsoring Posts, Guest Posting etc. But one thing you must know about blogging is; you’ll have to spend money in setting up a blog.

Yes! It isn’t free but am gonna teaching you a method you can use for free. In blog terms, there’s what we call Paid Hosting and Free Hosting. AAs a starter, I’ll advice you to start with the free host.

To commence with such, I will refer you to www.blogger.com

NNU Income Program (N.I.P):

This is a website you can possibly make certain amount of money based on your efforts. With this, you don’t need much stress all you just need is a cell phone, a data and a registration fee of #1600 ($4.45). Here you will be making money from home by just commenting on blog posts, logining and sharing contents.

Here, after registration; you will stand the chance to be earning #50 ($0.14) any day you login, then #50 ($0.14) whenever you share their sponsored post on your social wall (facebook, twitter etc).

Now, get started with this, you’ll have to register then buy their pack which is sold for #1600 (Registration Fee). Note, the registration fee is something you need to do in other to activate your account.  Click here to Register For this Program.


I know to some persons this their first time of hearing this and it liable to sound strange to them. Unlike the blogging, here is another which is called vlogging.

What is Vlogging? Vlogging has to do with updating a particular channel with videos. Yes, with youtube, you can make so much money. When you invest your time in uploading videos to your youtube channel it will pay you.

I other words, I call this Video monetization because it has to do with video monetization. Get started today by creating a youtube channel. It is easy, just go to www.youtube.com and signup.


One thing you must understand about making money online is that it is comething that has to do with dedication, smart-working, hard-working, patience and seriousness.

Yes, I can admit; you don’t need to leave your house each day in the name of going to work. All you just need to do is to follow the hints I’ve given to you and do not forget to comment and share this article to your friends. Thanks.

Have you read it all? Did you find it helpful and interesting? Do you have any question to ask? As you confused about any process there? Do you have any suggestion to make?

Am here now, you can send me your feedback using the comment box below.

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