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It’s Quite Easy To Fly (How To Fly; Think It’s Easy?)

How To Fly
Written by Benson Chidiebere

It’s Quite Easy To Fly (How To Fly; Think It’s Easy?)
An aeroplane cleaner was cleaning the cockpit, when he saw a book titled, “How to fly an aeroplane for beginners” (vol. 1). He opened the 1st page which said: “To start the engine, press the red button…”. He did so, and the airplane engine started. He was happy and opened the next page. “To get the airplane moving, press the blue button… “He did
so, and the plane started moving at an amazing speed. He wanted to fly, so he opened the 3rd page which said: To let the airplane fly, please
press the green button. He did so and the plane started to fly… He was excited. After 10 minutes in the air, he was satisfied, and
wanted to land, so he decided to
go to the 4th page. The instruction was “TO KNOW HOW TO LAND A PLANE, PLEASE


1. Everything in life has principles; no matter how long it takes, be patient to learn the principles before you start.
2. Don’t mistake the length of time you stay in learning for knowledge. You can graduate after 4 years and yet know nothing.
3. Half knowledge is dangerous and destructive; it might lift you off the ground into job, business, relationship or marriage, AND THEN YOU WILL HANG!
4. Though the air hostess, cleaner and pilot work in the same aeroplane, they are not equal. Respect those who know more than you, humble yourself and learn. Most importantly, KNOW YOUR PLACE!
5. Never attempt anything without adequate information. God could have created the earth in one day, but He took 7 days. If you rush in without information, YOU WILL BE FORCED TO DO IT TWICE! Be patient.
6. No matter how much you know already about a thing, THERE’S ALWAYS VOLUME 2. Seek more knowledge and information.
7. Learn from a mentor. You can only get directions from a man who has been to where you are going.

Credits goes to Kasarachi.

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