Happy Birthday Dearest Friend – Maryanne Theodore Is 21

Though this comes late, but I’m here to say a big Happy Birthday Dearest Friend Maryanne Theodore, as you turned 21. Few days ago, My friend celebrated her birthday.

I wanna use this opportunity to say a very big Happy Birthday Dearest Friend, I (Benson Chidiebere), super love you so so much, don’t fail to have a glorious day.

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This content wouldn’t be complete if I didn’t send my wish alongside with this thread. Be happy, this is actually your day.

Happy Birthday Dearest Friend – My Wishes

Meanwhile, before I get started with this, I would like to let you know that I am so proud to be your best friend and I am grateful for your true friendship. Hope you birthday is amazing as you are my super friend?

First Wish
I wish you love, hope and everlasting joy and happiness. Thank you for being my super friend. Happy Birthday Dearest Friend.

Second Wish
I wish you more understanding, greatness, success and flying colours in your educational pursuit. Happy Birthday Dearest Friend.

Third Wish
You’ll succeed in your career. You can’t end up like others who finish their education and yet are still looking for a job till date. Happy Birthday Dearest Friend.

Forth Wish
I wish you the best in choosing a life partner. You’ll not make mistake. God will provide you with the best. Happy Birthday Dearest Friend.

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Fifth Wish
Your family will forever be grateful to God for having you as their child. God will certainly make you a blessing to your family, friends and others. Happy Birhtday Dearest Friend.

Dear, celebrate your victory in Christ Jesus. Do not celebrate without acknowledging the place of God in your birthday. God bless you, and i remain your super wonderful friend.

Once again, Happy Birthday Dearest Friend, rock it; it’s your day.

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Benson Chidiebere is one of the top Nigerian bestselling author, speaker, mentor, preacher and enterprenuer. He has been reckoned to be one of the best up and doing young personnel whose main goal is youth.

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