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Sponsored: Risk Before Safety By Testimony Isaac - Bensonchidiebere

Sponsored: Risk Before Safety By Testimony Isaac

Long ago an old man was able to see the future of his town and he saw that danger did loom their future, he saw houses destroyed, he saw dead bodies as a result of been drowned in a flood. He also discovered that the cause of this danger would be an outbreak of some dams surrounding this small town.[Read More…]

Speakers Retreat

This Is A Huge Opportunity – The Speakers Retreat

One of Nigeria’s leading public speaking and sales trainer – Stephen Michael (AKA Dr. Miki) has just announced his willingness to train and empower hundreds of upcoming and seasoned speakers in Nigeria and around the world. If you know who Dr. Miki is then you know this is a very huge opportunity for any serious minded speaker who wants to[Read More…]

Crisis Among Female Folks

Resolving Identity Crisis Among Female Folks (Part One)

Crisis Among Female Folks In this dispensation, a lot of things has been happening from the origin and till now. Crisis comes and go; but the thing is “that is normal and it’s not gonna stop till the end of this generation. Crises arises, most times, it may be war, conflicts etc. I know right now you might be thinking[Read More…]

10,000 In 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Facebook

10,000 In 10 Things You Shouldn’t Do On Facebook

Things You Shouldn’t Do On Facebook Recently, a lot has been happening precisely on Facebook. Facebook has suddenly grown to an extent that majority of individuals, businesses and some government organizations cannot do without it. Ideally, people think that facebook is just a social media; where they can easily come and do their chats share files etc. No, facebook is[Read More…]


5 Jobs Christians Shouldn’t Do

Christians tend for more as they fail to understand whom they really are. Christianity as we all know is not just a religion, Yes! it is obviously more than that. In this out dispensation, a lot of people live with such mentality and knowledge. Far from that phenomenon. Now the question here is “What is Christianity?” What is Christianity? The[Read More…]